Does the future of security lie in the palm of your hand?

The term biohacking is increasingly bandied around various sectors in a multitude of capacities and it looks like it may soon become part of mainstream culture.

Biohacking, in this capacity, is when people choose to modify or essentially ‘hack’ their bodies with technology to change the way it functions or enhance their capabilities. Some have used it to insert security chips into their hands to access their work buildings with a swipe of their hand, whilst in another example, a man had a Biotherm chip implanted into his forearm which he uses to constantly track his body temperature.

Free microchips 
In 2017, USA-based vending machine providers, Three Square Market, offered their employees the chance to get microchipped for free. These chips would enable the employees to access the company building, log into their computers and even purchase food. They confirmed that the implants would not be used to track their employees with GPS technology. It is alleged that 50 of the company’s 85 employees took up the offer.

The future of biohacking
Biohacking may seem like an intrusive sci-fi concept to many; but for some, the potential of this technology is set to transform the future of healthcare and security. What if you could have a chip implanted under your skin which could replace your keys, cards and passwords, or even alert you when your blood pressure is higher than usual? Whilst the ethical implications of biohacking are hanging in the balance, the potential of the technology could be unparalleled, should it be accepted.

Whilst your insurance company probably won’t require your employees to have a microchip implant to access the workplace for the foreseeable future, not having enough security measures in place could potentially invalidate your insurance policy.

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