Marathon result image Congratulations Dan!

  Congratulations to our Dan, who took part in this weekend's London Marathon.   We are all very proud, Dan    completed the 26 mile course in 4hrs 57mins.   Well done Dan from all your colleagues at CCS Insurance.

   For more information and...

Social Media Blog imageCould a social networking policy help protect your company's reputuation?

In today's climate, every type of business needs a policy that covers social networking - for example, are your employees allowed to mention your company on social media?

See the snapshot below and get in touch for your FREE Online Social Networking Policy to implement guidelines for your employees.  

Social Medial Policy Snapshot

CCS wants to protect your business by providing you with more than your insurance...


StartUP blog 5Choosing Your Legal Structure – Sole Traders

Once you decide to start a business, you need to choose what type of legal structure the business will have. The most common types are sole traders, limited companies and business partnerships. The structure you choose will define your legal responsibilities, including paperwork and registration requirements, taxes and personal liability. The following is an overview of how to become a sole trader.

Sole Trader Responsibilities
Sole traders are the easiest type of legal structures to set up.


Brexit image 2‘Brexit’: Good or Bad for Business?

On 23rd June, the public will vote on whether the United Kingdom should remain in the EU. The consequences of a ‘Brexit’ would vary depending upon the terms of the nation’s departure as well as the economic climate. Businesses remain divided on whether the Brexit will help or hurt them—39 per cent of British SMEs would vote to leave the EU, while 49 per cent would vote to stay, according to a March survey. While the outcome of the referendum is uncertain, experts have begun estimating how it could affect businesses.

Here are some of their main predictions for how the Brexit could be good or bad for UK businesses:


StartUP blog 46 Most Common Forms of Funding
Your business idea may be solid, but without adequate funding your chances of success are slim. Here’s an overview of six most common forms of financing for your new or growing business:

1. Investment Finance
Also known as equity finance, investment finance involves selling part of your business to an investor as shares. The investor then shares part of the business’ profits or losses.

2. Loans

Loans are a type of credit that the borrower repays over a pre-determined length of time.  In addition to repaying the amount


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